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Ebba's Edible Cafe
Internet World Recipe Links
Updated: April 1998
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        I originally created this site with the intent of making recipe hunting easy for my mother, new to the Internet world. I would send her links to sites, but the process of learning bookmarking etc. was a chore. So, I decided to create a one-stop place for her to go to when she was in the mood for Internet travels. My mother, Ebba, has enjoyed cooking her entire life, and her greatest hobbies have consisted of collecting cookbooks from all over the world, and cooking everything possible to create interest in our many meals while we were growing up.  I grew up knowing that all things were worth trying, vegetables were not half bad, and cooking was a joy and a tradition that each of my sisters and I continued.  I hope each of you that visit my mother's site for links enjoys the challenge of lives many interesting differences in cooking. I think the greatest memories of all, are the aromas, tastes and traditions of home.
Angel signing off   ^i^
Recipe Hunting Links
For Gadgets and more,
Twin Peaks Gourmet Trading Post
World Wide Kitchens
African American Recipe Page:  soul food and more
African Cookbook:  Meals and Recipes from all over Africa
AMERICAN EGG BOARD:  Great Egg Recipes
Amy Gale Recipe Site
Anne's Favorite Recipes
Aunt Emma's Recipe World
Authentic Berks County Recipes Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking
AVOCADO COMMISSION of California  - Great Database of Avocado Recipes
Baker Boulanger Recipes:  Nice recipes but the JAVA application for advertising makes this a slow site to load
Barbecue'n on the Internet:  Everything you need to know about BBQ and more.
BBQ Home page
BETTY CROCKER Cookbook Online
BIRDS EYE:  Recipes and more
Bon Appetit:  America's Food & Entertaining Magazine
Your Mining Company to busy cooks
The Bread Machine Page
Creosote's Kitchen I like this site because it will scale the recipe for servings desired. Also, info for eating places in San Diego and Los Angeles area.  *smile... ET Phone -  HOME!!!!
BUTTERBALL Presents:  Turkey and holiday recipes
Cajun in the Kitchen
Cajun Family Recipe Book
Camille's Veranda Dining Room
World Cheese Index A site filled with information on Cheese and Cheese recipes.
Cheese Net:  Everything you would want to know about cheeses from all over the world
Cheshire's Recipe Box:  Donut Recipes and more
Chile-Heads Home Page:  "Almost everything you might want to know about chile peppers  is here!"
Chocolate Recipes
Chocolate Chip Cookies - Secrets for the best Toll House Cookies
Chuckie's Corner Web Kitchen
Cocinas De New Mexico
CookieRecipe.Com:  lots and lots of cookie recipes
Cookies that are out of this world.....
CopyKat:  Recipes from actual restaurants and more....
The Crazy Vegetarian:  "Leader of the Meat-Free World!"
Creole and Cajun Recipe Page
Creative Cooking Online
Crockpot Recipes - COLLECTION
Cucumber Recipe File:  Recipes with cucumbers in mind
Deniz's Place - Greek Cooking
The Dessert House
Diana's Kitchen:  Great Crockpot Recipes and more
The Dinner Co-Op Page:  "600 of our own dinner co-op's favourite
recipes, we have more than 3000 links to restaurants, shops, (other
peoples') recipes and food information pages. Enjoy!"
DIJONNAISE CREAMY MUSTARD BLEND:  Recipes with Dijonnaise and more
Acats InterNet Bar - Drink Recipes Galore
Edibilia:  Many European links and recipes
Eleanor's Kitchen of  Czech Food
The Electric Kitchen:  Features Japanese, Chinese, Filipino etc. types of cooking
English, Classic English Farmhouse Recipes by Barbara Battle
English Tea Parlor Teas
English Dead Animal Cooking from a University Student's Database of Recipes. English humor.. hmmm.. *giggle
Epicurious:  Food, Drink, Cooking and Recipes
European Cuisine's -  Very nice site for all European Counties and their special recipes
Fat Free:  The Low Fat Vegetarian Archive
FRITO-LAY  - Recipes and more
Gemini & Leo's Recipe Links:  This is full of recipe links if you cannot
find enough of them on this page. Pardon the duplications.
Gluten Free Diet: Recipes & Information links to Celiac Disease/Gluten Intolerance Web Sites
Entertaining with GODIVA Drink and Dessert Recipes
Cooking with FLOWERS:  13th and 14th Century England
The Greek Connections:  Greek Recipes
The Gumbo Page:  Music, Recipes and more
Herbs:  Nickel and Thyme Shoppe
HERSHEY'S Great American Chocolate Company
Honey.Com:  Everything you could want to know about honey with recipes for cooking and more.
IChef:  The Internet Chef of recipes around the world
In the Kitchen: Recipes are in frames and make it very difficult to copy them for preparation
A Little Irish Cookbook:  This site is a link off a very nice Irish site with much information on the country, travel information etc.  The recipes are wonderful and very Irish.
Indo Link Recipes:  Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian dishes.. and more
Italian Cuisine & Seafood:  Piero's of Burbank, CA
Italian Recipes - Skip's Recipe Page
JELLY BELLY - The Original Gourmet Bean:  Recipes and more....
A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking
KIKKOMAN'S SOY SAUCE:  Recipes and more...
The Kitchen Link
KRAFT Interactive Kitchen
Kosher Restaurant Database:A database for restaurants in many cites, specialized in Kosher style of eating
Kosher Thai Recipes: Kosher cooking recipe site
LIPTON Company:  Recipes taste tested by the Lipton Kitchens
Lotta's Virtual Baking Class:  Swedish Baking
Low Fat Mexican Cooking
Low Fat - Karen's Healthy Kitchen
Meals for You:  A site filled with meal planning, recipes and anything else you might need or think of.  A nice site you must visit.
Meals Online 10,000 recipes to select from
Mama's Cookbook
MY VIRTUAL ENCYCLOPEDIA FOOD AND RECIPES  A database of food and recipe information
NABISCO CANADA  Recipes and more...
Pacific Harbor Dairy Recipes:   Dairy Farmers of Oregon
The Pie Page
PILLSBURY Center:   Great tips, recipes, and more.
Sugar Free Recipes by Jeanine
50's+ Cookbook Club  Mom's favorite
FLEISCHMANN'S Bread World - Great Bread Recipes
Flora's Kitchen
Food & Wine
Mr. Food
Geocities Napa Valley Neighborhood
Irish Recipes
The Lemon Grass and Galangal Cookbook:  "This site is dedicated to the collection and dissemination of information about the cuisine's of South East Asia."
McCormick's' Recipe Library
My Menus:  Recipes, meal planning and more.  Multiple awards
New England Style Cooking:  The Hungry Pilgrim
Ore-Ida Potatoes:  Commercial site with many recipes associated with their products.
English Flavours:  Dedicated to the sweet tooth
Slim Soul Food:  Low Fat cooking
Southern Bell -Recipes from Family and Friends
SOAR At Berkeley  Recipes Galore
Staci's Recipe Exchange
StarChefs: This one is a biggy to load, but you will enjoy it. Try the recipe search by ingredient.
STAR KIST TUNA:  Cooking with Charlie Tuna
SUN-MAID Raisins:  Recipes for you raisin lovers
The Santesson Recipe Collections of Swedish Cooking
Texas Beef Council:   Great Beef Recipes
Texas Cooking
Tokyo Food PageHome Style Japanese Recipes
The Tomato Page:  Recipes by the California Tomato Commission
Mr. Food
The Virtual Vegetarian
The Vegetarian Resource Group
Vegan Bikers Home Page
Filipino Vegetarian Page
Great Vegetarian Recipes
The Vegetarian Society
The Vegetarian Society of the UK
Veggie Heaven
Veggies Unite
Viva! Readers' Recipes
Lightlife Recipes
University of Victoria's Favorite Recipes:  Insect Recipes and more... hmm, tasty!
VRG RecipesThe Vegetarian Resource Group
Eva's Weight Watchers Recipes A collective and interactive site for sharing recipes.  Swedish and English Versions of recipes.
Robin Garr's World of Creative Cooking


My special thanks to each of the authors of the featured links above.  Their interest, dedication, and desire for sharing, are enjoyable gifts to each of us who love the creative art of cooking.
If you have comments or suggestions, e-mail me at
or contact my web page editor and daughter, Denise at: